Buildings, plant, machinery, resources, etc

 Three Bay Shed

In addition to storage for plant and machinery, the shed also contains a workshop and power system.

Solar Hot Water Collector

This highly efficient collector measures approximately 2 metres square and on a sunny day will provide hot water for the main house and also the apartment.
It is augmented by a wood burner when neccessary

Hot water controller

When the water in the storage cylinder for the main house reaches a predetermined temperature it is pumped to the storage cylinder for the apartment. There is provision in the main cylinder to add radiators in future. The controller sets all of the operating parameters for the hot water system

Wind Turbine

On dark and windy nights the solar photovoltaic system gets additional charging for the house batteries from a 200 watt wind generating turbine

Power Storage and Conversion

Consists of a 24-volt, 875 Amp Hour battery bank, Victron sine wave  2kVa inverter/charger and 2 solar controllers.

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Photovoltaic Panels

There are three arrays, providing in total, approximately 3 kW of power

More photovoltaic panels

These are situated on the wood/gardening shed

Classic Lister CS-3 diesel engine

The engine of choice for backing up an off-grid power system. Their performance and reliability is legendary.

Storage Batteries

A 24-volt bank of flooded lead-acid Enersun cells provides 875 Amp Hours of power for the house.

Battery Monitor

Conveniently located in the walk-in pantry this allows for easy checking of the battery voltage and has a switch to turn on the charger if required.

Chicken Enclosure and Berry Cage

A large free ranging enclosure for chickens, incorporating a berry cage with Raspberries, Boysenberries, Thornless Blackberries, Black currants, Red currants, Gooseberries, and Strawberries.


Berry Cage

After harvest, hens go in to clean up the pests and weed seeds, and to till and fertilise the soil

South end of house

South = North in the Southern hemisphere, so cool. Ideal spot for a meat safe and a rotary clothes line

Meat Safe and Preserve Pantry

Where home killed meat can hang and age in a fly and vermin proof cool store. Also used for storing sealed top preserves. Lockable doors to inside and outside.

Mature Standing Trees

In addition to some small firewood groves, the property contains a number of large trees as well as a quantity of logs sufficient for several years of high quality firewood.

John Deere 6X4 Gator

Powered by a 620cc petrol engine, it will carry 900kg of payload. It has a towbar, a winch with wireless remote and a 1000 watt sine-wave inverter.

Log Splitter

The 37 Ton petrol powered log splitter makes splitting tree rings into firewood a relatively easy task.

John Deere STX30 Rideon

It's not that the lawns are very big, but this machine sure makes short work of mowing them