If you want seclusion, peace and quiet, stunning views, two excellent sets of neighbours with surrounding farms; but who live 3 and 5kms away;  a superb small primary school, with nearby buses to the high school 
then come and have a look. around

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 There is even a 'sea view' of sorts, when mists fill the original bays of a long gone  sea,  and where there are fossil shells in the rocks to prove it 

But be quick as it is likely to be taken off the market if not sold before the ban on  foreign purchase is enacted before Christmas 2017


This property is to be sold by tender,as is where is; furnished, with carpets, drapes and utilities; plus livestock; and farm-equipment, by mutual agreement. Tenders close 3pm NZ summertime, Friday 22 December 2017. Tenders in excess of UK550,000 pounds or US$750,000 
  The highest, or any tender, not necessarily accepted